• Salad & Jar – Presenting the winners of Social Impact Award Kosovo 2017

    A team of students and a family team with their idea Salad & Jar is among the winners of Social Impact Award Kosovo 2017 by the decision of a jury consisted of representatives of the corporate sector, the university community, entrepreneurship activists, and civil society.

    Two sisters and their brother from Gracanica presented the idea of producing healthy salads, packed in glass jars. Vibrant colors, fresh ingredients, and delicate taste will soon conquer the market in Pristina and other bigger towns in Kosovo, they believe. They will buy all ingredients locally, from farmers who often struggle to find a market for their products. Their neighbors from a group of older, hardly employable women will then combine ingredients according to precise recipes, to healthy but tasteful meals.

    Busy people with healthy habits in fancy cafes in Pristina will have a new option for their meal, while women, farmers, and members of Salad & Jar team will earn decent payments. In order to achieve this, they have already prepared receipts, design and an online campaign.

    Video presentation for the community vote:

    As a winner of Social Impact Award Kosovo, Salad & Jar team will get the opportunity to be a part of Social Impact Award Summit in Belgrade, a chance for further mentoring support and a start-up capital of EUR1500 provided by Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company. Together with all local and regional partners, Foundation Dokukino will strongly support winners on their way to becoming a successful social business.