We at Social Impact Award truly live co-creation. So, it should not come as a surprise that even this foreword has been written in a collaborative effort. Each of the eighteen national SIA teams have contributed a few words. We all wish you a great read!

It is with great pleasure to present you with our 2017 Impact Report, a collection of insights into the incredible world of Social Impact Award. This report aims to summarize our efforts in helping young social entrepreneurs navigate from vague intentions to promising ventures. Let yourself be surprised by the variety and quality of young people´s impactful ideas, who strive to make a difference. It is the time to deconstruct what is broken and create what is needed. It is the time to conceive, prototype and deliver. It is time for empowered citizens, independent thinkers and inspired doers that believe in the power of human connection, empathy and sustainable business. This report is the best proof that the future lies in the hands of young people – supporting them to thrive will bring us closer to the world we want to live in. So sit back and let yourself be inspired by not just the numbers, but the personal stories of our participants, partners and experts. Whether you are a social entrepreneur, a global manager, a public officer, an ambassador or a volunteer, read this impact report not as „just another report“, but as an invitation to join our commitment to making the choices that will secure a bold and bright future.

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