• Salad and Jar


    Our idea is to place fresh salad in a jar (glass).
    For our product, we’ll use exclusively domestic products from local farmers for which we know have a product placement issue.
    In this way, we wish to help in the reduction of this problem as well, since these products will be made by our grandmothers and mothers which are great at it, but unfortunately, in our society they belong to a group of people who are endangered and who find it very difficult to get a job.
    Salad and Jar has a product which belongs to the category “healthy fast food”.
    This product is a meal, a salad packed in a jar which is ready to be taken and picked up.
    Above all, this product is intended for working people and students who live and work in the city and who, because of their lifestyle, do not have enough time to prepare food on their own, but want to eat healthy.
    It is also intended for young and old active people who can eat this while they are training and in this way, quickly, easily and while enjoying it, feed their body well.
    We are sure that this business will be successful and sustainable and that it will affect changes in society.