• Fol


    FOL, is the first application in the Albanian language that makes treatment of articulation
    disorder.FOL it means TO SPEAK. The application can be found in the playstore, this application
    can also be used for small children who want to embrace the letters and generally speak more
    than their spouses. That can be done with two games that are inserted in the application where
    one is balloon game, the other game is with the name where even the right articulation of the word
    can be heard, there are two categories in the application other ones can be used by teachers
    who present different techniques that can be applied during regular teaching hours as well as
    the option of parents where they can be more informed about articulation disorders and different
    methods that can be applied to the child under conditions home, the application will not only be
    used by professionals, or language and speech therapists, FOL can be used by everyone.


  1. Shpresa Xhakli says: 05.09.2018 at 13:06Reply

    Ju lumte dhe suksese !

  2. Zana Imeri says: 05.09.2018 at 14:39Reply

    Well, i have to say that’s an absolutely new way of helping community. Which consists to be exactly about the most sensitive part of society, children. You guys, should be proud of yourself. We are really grateful about your work in creating this perfect app, and we are so cheerful to see you guys helping in solving a lifetime problem.

  3. Selvije Behramaj says: 07.09.2018 at 19:49Reply