• V Save


    In Kosovo, one of peoples biggest problem is high electricity
    consumption that leads to higher bills and power outages throughout
    the day. Therefore we created V Save, a smart plug to lower expenses
    and consumption of electricity. We aimed to make it cheaper than the
    average market price of such technology. With our product not only you
    can monitor and control consumption of your devices on a daily basis
    in a statistical view, but also schedule timing on a device to change
    its state based on the schedule. We created ease of use and
    compatibility with other platforms like Google Assistant and Alexa
    where you can send voice commands to the smart plug not only localy
    but remotely too.All this is done from your phone with our mobile app.
    We made V Save so We Save.

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  1. The Programmer says: 05.09.2018 at 17:34Reply

    I’m a resident here in Kosovo and we really need this, I myself have very big problems with electricity and this would really help me take a hold of it… finally someone stood up and took the courage to face this problem…